Saturday, March 7, 2009

March 8th-International Woman's Day.. SO WHAT?!?!

For starters… March 8th is celebrated every year throughout the world as International Woman’s Day. Suddenly on this day, you read, you hear, you see almost the same thing everywhere… ‘The Woman’ being praised, praised and praised; and the so called upliftment of woman, and by the end of the day its all over. The next time anyone comes across similar matter, is on the next International Woman’s Day.

So much has been said and written on woman’s rights to work, conflicting with her patriarchal, society defined, traditional role of fostering a family. First of all, I have never understood how men managed to pull off the deception that going out there and earning money was a more powerful function than creating a home.

It is this very idea of insidious marginalization that comes to my mind every Woman’s Day. How is the quest for gender parity served if a special day has to be devoted to women? How is the cause served by treating women as a special interest group, like sufferers of a fatal disease, whose special needs we need to be sensitive to?

Every year it’s rather astonishing on why there has been no worldwide campaign to abolish this day. YES, there are women who are still enslaved in the most primitive manner in some parts of d globe, but what does this day mean to them?
Instead of celebrating it on one single day with posters, essay competitions, speeches with guests of honour being remarkable ladies, it’s better off to treat HER on par everyday.

So, all the women out there… stand up and stop acting delicate and fussy and realize that God created you and the Man on par.

And all the men out there… respect and treat the Women around you equally. After all,


  1. An excellent post !! Both the pseudo feminists and the male chauvinists need to introspect..

  2. Last line is very true..
    Even women are equally capable of competing and performing as men does. But the areas may be different.
    India is a land which put women in some special place ahead of men. But due to attack of muslims, Britishers,etc etc that got slowly influenced by western culture..
    Nice article Lakshmi...

  3. lol...nice one..but i dont agree ht these days r celebrated for any special interest thts ways we do hav a mothers day, fathers day, friendship day and so on...yeah ..i do agree tht these days r stupid and u dont need a day to celebrate womanhood and managing a house s much more difficult than earning bread :)