Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My letter to the editor of Bangalore Mirror!! [:)]

This letter surprisingly appeared in Bangalore Mirror on April 30th, [page 22]!! [:)]It was sent in response to a reader who blamed the govt for not acting against Pramod Mutalik.


Pramod Mutalik was arrested within 48 hours of the Mangalore incident and also most activists of the Shri Rama Sene. The cases against them are being heard in courts. The elected government has not failed in its duty and it can’t sit in judgment of the issue and it is up to to the judiciary to provide justice to the victims. This government, unlike the previous ones, is at least acting against Pramod Mutalik in various cases that have been pending since quite some time and has arrested him quite a few times. You cant blame the state government if he gets bail. Regarding anti-incumbency in Karnataka, this is a Lok Sabha election and we are voting for a central government. So it is the Congress-led UPA which is facing anti-incumbency. It would be wise for our voters to rise above petty local issues and think big and think about the problems facing the country as a whole.
Dr Lakshmi Krishnan, Mysore


  1. Much water has flown since this post. But very valid points you have raised. The media went berserk with their obsession of painting the state Government regressive without really caring about the facts. Where the state Government erred was in their PR. They should have probably come out with a strong statement against the Mutaliks. Justice needs to be not just doing but also seen to be done.