Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bas ithna sa khwaab hai... :)

This is cut, copy, edit & paste of a song from my favourite movie 'My fair lady'. This is to be sung in the tune of 'All I want is English Marie'.. an old Marie biscuit advertisement. The last stanza in unmodified.. :)

All I want is a room somewhere,
With books n books everywhere,
And one enormous chair...
Ah! Wouldn't it be loverly!

Lots of money for me to spend,
Wit no work at all for me to mend,
Warm home, warm family, warm friend(s)...
Ah! Wouldn't it be loverly!

Aw so lovingly sitting absoluminutely still..
I would never budge till spring!

Someone's head resting on my knee,
As warm and tender as he can be.
Who takes good care of me...
Ah! Wouldn't it be loverly!

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