Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lessons from the sea....

Last night at the beach, I was playing a little game with the sea. Every time the waves receded, I ran towards the sea and ran backwards towards the shore when the next wave approached. The rule was simple - to not to let the waves touch me and yet go farthest possible into the sea.

While I was teasing the sea this way, running backwards to the shore trying to escape an approaching wave, I stumbled, fell down and the wave swept over me. As I sat there shocked by my defeat I saw another wave approaching me. I heard my friends asking me to get up and run. Yet, it was entirely upto me to either get stuck in time and let another wave sweep across me or to get up and run back. 

And, run back I did. :)

1. When you feel defeated in life, the DECISION to let the defeat defeat you IS entirely YOURS.
2. You can chose to dwell in the 'fall' phase of your life or 'get up' and be on track. Only YOU can CHOSE.
3. It definitely helps to HAVE YOUR PEOPLE during this time. Though they may not physically be able to help you, be receptive to their call of help. 
4. Again, they can only 'call', but only you can HELP YOUR SELF. 
5. And well, always MOVE AHEAD and forward in life. Not backward. You may have the advantage of knowing/facing your opponent when moving backward, but 'moving ahead' in life should be irrespective of your opponents.

"Have the strength to swim, and you will never sink"

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