Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Movie time!

Am not much of a movie person. So it did come as a surprise to myself when I watched 3 movies in 3 weeks - a Kannada thriller Rangitaranga, a multi-lingual drama Bahubali and a present age Hindi movie Bajarangi Bhaijaan (BB).

It would be unfair to compare the three movies as they belong to three different genres. But when it comes to realism, Rangitaranga wins with BB coming a close second- pushed to the second spot because of the last ten minutes. It reminded me of the movie refuge, where people would cross the border as though it was just a street. Only, BB was much much better and had logic and reason. And the girl who won our hearts (soooo adorable!!) could have remained dumb, you know.

Rangitaranga is a thriller and keeps you gripped till the end. It comes as a refresher amidst the current trend of Kannada cinema which has not really made me proud. This movie showed the world, 'hum kisi se kum nahin'  ;) Bahubali's war scenes are just excellent, but half the movie time to set up the stage was way too much a bore. Two major issues - I would have slapped a stranger who is trying to paint my hands and colour my lips. Really. And well, does the hero have some syndrome which has unbreakable bones in a well built body? We can name it the Bahubali syndrome. :P No mortal can survive repetitive falls from such great heights and not have a single scar (another feature of the syndrome). And if indeed he is immortal or godly, he did not need so many attempts in the first place! No?

This apart, one thing that was common in all the three movies was commendable acting from both the main and supporting actors. Definitely worth mentioning is the acting of the newcomer Nirup Bhabdari in Rangitaranga; Ramya Krishnan in Bahubali - watch her turn from fiery to tender in a second - her body language is brilliant; and almost everybody in BB - the young Harshaali Malhotra and her mother, and Nawazuddin Siddiqui to name a few..

So, watch all the three movies. Watch Rangitaranga for its cinematography and a good story, Bahubali for the sheer magnificence of technology and opulence, BB for its heart warming story and the comedy which gives you the feel good factor. :)


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