Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

So, the year starts from January 1st again....
I still remember how 2011 started...
Head bang start to the year, partying and dancing away till 3 in the morning; 
bonded with people whom I never thought would b mine, 
but lost people who were 'mine' (where they really mine in the first place?),
long lost friends - some came back, some did not..
learnt bowling from a friend who can make me happy and sad,
watched innumerable movies with a new relationship - 'the roomie',
had fun, went to parties and life restarted after 4 pm..
Mc Donalds outing with friends who care to share,
bajji outings and midnight maggi sessions,
feasted on non-veg after a loong hiatus..
been live witness to Master Blaster's 96th century in a thrilling cricket match,
tried rebonding in vain, learnt to have patience like hell, 
tele-teaching and forgave people,
lived through legal complications and likely legal issues (phew!),
became predictable in my surprises and started having crushes again :)
rubbed things the wrong way, but still glad that mistakes happened,
hearts broke and tears fell,
traveled 3 hrs to watch a 90 min movie, 
because I realized people and their company matter more than anything else...
bunked coll, went 4 a movie, lied and got caught red-handed,
made a movie and have ever since appreciated every scene in every movie,
faced defeats and success in the same place and time,
saw good times and bad ones too,
won a 1st prize and was still not happy,
had a surprise just the way I wanted and was still not happy,
finally learning that God knows best! 
got pampered to the core and walked alone when the going was tough,
Made my nest, my space and yet broke down within the confines of my space
submitted my dissertation and realized I can do things all alone, 
that I can live life all alone!!! 
So,.. lived through such contradictions the entire year. 
God, what an year!!!! Thanks for being there all throughout! :)

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