Monday, January 7, 2013

Good Morning Chennai!

'Trriiiinggggggggg' rang my alarm and I got up with a start to switch it off so as to not disturb my new roommates. The usual me would get up only at 9, snooze the alarm and hit the bed again. I looked at the watch. It showed 6 and it so told me to sleep. Divided between luxury and necessity, drowsy eyed, I fought my way out of bed. Had my bath (yawn, I still want to sleep), got dressed (yawn, I still want to sleep) and waited for my roommate/guide to get ready (yawn, I still want to sleep). During the wait I decided to explore my hostel terrace. Pulling my legs beyond me (as my legs were still sleeping), I reached the terrace after four flights of stairs.

The view awaiting me was something I did not expect. I saw the blue, the blue of the sea as far as my eyes could see...,where that 'blue of the sea' met the 'blue of the sky'. The sea seemed calm from that distance while I was sure it was roaring down there. The sun rays glistened on the seemingly calm sea and on to my face. No, now I was not yawning. My sleep was gone (obviously!) and I faced the sea and the sun and stood for long. 

All thoughts racing by, though I wished I could keep it calm. 
All thoughts splurging about, though I wish I could keep it still. 
All thoughts jumping at each other, though I wish they kept to themselves. 
And as I stared at the distant blue horizon, it somehow calmed my thoughts within. Now, that's where Chennai scored a brownie point over my previous place of stay, Bangalore. 
And that was my first day in Chennai :) 
Chennai, I hope I like you. And I hope you like me too.. :)

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