Thursday, February 7, 2013


So I am on yet another journey...
And this time after all the ups and downs, life has not come to a stand still..
A month into the new journey and I am still in the process of getting into d groove..
But before I move on, a thanksgiving!

So, after all that cramming, and crying and chaos, my pg exams got over!!
It was one experience!!!
But thanks to few special people, its a cherished memory now. :)

I had abundant support in college -Archana ma'am, you rock! Wonder what Vydehi Opath would have been without you.. Your family made me 'family' and that says it all! 
Jayalakshmi ma'am, Dorothy ma'am, you were among my strongest supporters. Thanks for believing in me and my abilities. Thanks for lifting up my sagging spirits! And HOD ma'am was the surprise package! If not for that golden one month off that you gave me maam, forget topping, I doubt if I would have cleared! And I will always remember your kindness ma'am!
Divya, a special thanks to you! You were God sent! Being awake with me through the nights as though you yourself were giving exams, spending restless moments with me, calming me in those tense situations, praying for me and many more.. I can't thank you enough! I hope and pray I get a chance to help you the way you did.
Amrita, anything that I say about you would be less.You have made me the positive person that I am. You tuned my attitude so that I can face the world alone. Thanks for everything! A single paragraph won't suffice for you :) nor will it do justice ;) Our relationship is beyond words! :) Thanks to uncle and aunty too! They made me feel like family!
Mahesh, Chaitra and Satish- thank you for believing in me and for making me believe in myself. Your blind faith in me is something I might never come across again in life! Thanks for the energy U guys gave me-literally too! :) The home food was sometimes the only highlight of the day! :)
Honey, Lavi, Aziz bhai- thanks for all the smiles and help!
Subhada, my room mate, my outing mate, my food mate, my support mate, my prayer mate,ah.. I can go on and on.. But it still would not cover the two years that we stayed under the same roof..sharing every single moment and thoughts. The movies, shopping, starring at stars, Saturday nights of music and much much more.. I would need a book to write about you! Thank you for taking care of me. :)
Sweta, Shalini, Manjula, Ramya-hostel life had LIFE in it because of you guys..6 months with you people were among the best I ever had!! You guys rock!! And so does Jaganath mess ;)
Srihari, you showed me the world, or rather what the world ate ;) Had some of the best food in life wit you. Life outside the gates of Vydehi was colorful and stomach full coz of you! ;)
Varsha & Suman-You guys made me like Bangalore outside Whitefield! Life was pure fun & one hell of a party with you guys!
Bharat sir, I owe my 'topper' status to you! Thank you! Thanks for bringing me out of one of my difficult phases.
Santosh, you have been there through thick and thin! I would not have survived Vydehi without you! I owe my pg seat and pg degree both to you! Thank you for taking all the crap! You were the only one who could take it! :)
Sudhee sir, Shashidhar sir,Radhika ma'am, Usha ma'am, Srinivas sir, Jeevan sir, Priya maam, Santosh sir, and all who taught me-thank you for being the selfless teachers!
Sudhee sir- You are the reason why I am an oral pathologist today! From inspiring me to teaching me, you have been the very reason of my professional stature today. I bow to you sir!
Abhishek Bhadranna, Abhishek Jahagirdar, Revanna, Afreen, Sushma - Thanks for being the friends in need, for all the professional help and others too..
Sijy, Shaheera, Krishnaveni, Imran, Manasa, Supreeta, Shazaib, Geeta, Bhavya, Surendra - thank you! :) You all added more colors into my life!
And I thank everyone who gave me a reason to smile :) I owe those happy hours of my life to you! :)
My backstage crew- uff!!! We did it!! :) Appa, Amma, Adarsh and Anna, we did it! :)
Thank you God.., for being there and letting all these wonderful people be such an important part of my life!

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  1. Thank you for sharing the beautiful memories...will miss the vydehi hostel only bcoz of you guys